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Alessandro Di Paola

alessandro di paola

Electronic music is part of the manifold artistic sides of Alessandro Di Paola, an Italian Turin based musician, composer as well as producer. Starting from thorough classical music formation as pianist, he achieved the eminent graduation in composition at the local conservatoire. Another part of his artistic character has been growing concurrently, little by little: the passion for electronic music production. His wide sound-palette ranges from House to Deep as well as Nu Disco flavors. They are evolved through glitchy electronic sounds, aiming to destabilize and rebuild again, unconventionally, those established genres. Experimentation at the service of the groove though, it never ends in itself and lets constantly the ground sense of structured-track. He has released for several labels, such as the German You Da One, Blend (his track Undervoice selected by the label for a special release, chosen as one of the best entries of Danny J Lewis' UMPChallenge0002) and now   he landed on Sideshape.He takes currently part to the Sideshape project as executive producer, with the task to supervise the artists of the label, in order to push its sound forward.

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